How Govt. Employees Can Pay Your Bills With Other People’s Money

Id’ like to show you a legal way to pay your bills with other people’s money… without borrowing, stealing or harming others in any way.

It’s different. It’s fast. And it doesn’t take much effort… if you do the way I show you.

I believe anyone can do it… if you use the simple secret shortcut I’ll show you in just a moment.

Here’s what it’s all about:

With your permission, I would like to show you how to make a small fortune by selling little 20 page instruction manuals.

They are cheap, easy and fun to create. You can create powerful short reports really fast by using the template I have ready for you to download.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to be a writer to talk about what you already know (or researched).

And of course anyone can do it.

Employees can create instruction manuals for communication skills, conflict resolution strategies or any skill needed to perform your job

(Selling Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel manuals for the elderly, for example)

College students can create Cliff notes, recorded tutoring sessions or sell papers she wrote to other students or anyone who’s interested in the

Business owners can create instruction manuals for the purpose of attracting new customers, combining manuals with current products or services to increase sales or create do-it-yourself manuals

(Chicago mechanics selling do-it-yourself car repair manuals in Atlanta, so your money is not limited to just your local area, for example)

I can provide many more examples, but you get the idea.

Another good thing about these reports is they are only limited by your imagination and you can charge as much as you like.

You can make enough money to pay your bills or enough to replace your full time income at your regular job.

If you have to leave your job for any reason, then you can afford it, or you could just keep working and make more money than your supervisors.

I know a lot of people looking to retire on a beach somewhere but they’re stuck working a job they hate… Or running a business that feels like a job (costing to much money and takes too much energy from you and spending a lot of time away from family).

That is no way to live and I believe you should have more fun. That’s what prompted me to create this instruction manual for you

Maybe you will understand this better if I tell you a little about how I began writing and selling short 20 page instruction manuals

Let me tell you up front that I am not a writer
by no stretch of the imagination. But, I like to write.

I know that sounded a little weird, so let me explain…

Writing is just one of the things I used to do when I wanted to blow off a little steam. Instead of getting mad at myself or blaming others for my
situation I would just sit down and write.

There was one time where all I could do was write because I just had surgery.

I went to work one morning and ended up in the hospital that afternoon bleeding nearly a pint of blood from a place you would never expect.

The doctor told me I had cancer. This was after my daughter was born. I was wondering what to do to make a little money because I had to take a pay cut from my job. That’s because I was out for so long.

Anyway, after a lot of trial and error and spending money to try new things I stumbled upon a newsletter that gave me a different perspective on life.

They were talking about “Alchemy” and how writing and selling a book is the closest thing to creating money out of thin air.

So it took me three months to write a book and it didn’t sell. I was frustrated and a little angry to be honest.

A tried to think of ways I could write books faster and easier but writing books just took too long.

One day I wanted to fix the brakes on my car and I downloaded a manual. The manual helped a lot. The manual solved the problem I wanted solve.

It wasn’t filled with a lot of words and little content, like a book… but it got me the result I was looking for… Then, it hit me.

Even though the manual had nothing to do with how to write books… I realized I can write short problem solving instruction manuals people will get real value from

They would be quick easy to write. I can design it how I would like to.

After making so many instruction manuals I ended up with a template that I can use to create an instruction manual for any topic, all in one evening.

If there’s a subject I’m interested in but I don’t know much about, then it takes me about 1 to 2 days to do the research and a third day to
test the information out for myself.

Why? Because, I want to get evidence that the information I research actually works, before I put it inside the instruction manual.

Once I got the research down and edited just the way I wanted it to be then I just plug that information into the template.

One or two hours later… I have a rough draft. Then I read it out loud to proofread it. I correct the spelling errors and then I’m done.

After that, I can make a little webpage or post a description of the book on my blog. I use PayPal to take the payments and that’s it.

I can create multiple instruction manuals to give away for free or combine them with other instruction manuals (as a way of saying thanks
for becoming a valued customer).

Even though I know my reports are really valuable… adding bonus reports also encourages people to buy more from me.

For example, if you buy my shortcut instruction manual template right now, I will give you a special report on how to avoid procrastination.

Why is this report special? Because the only thing stopping you from creating these short, fast, cheap and easy reports… is yourself.

That means in the next 30 days you can create a report that could start paying your bills.

Why would pay your bills with your own money… when… you can use this shortcut instruction manual template to do it for you?

If you’re on the fence, don’t worry about it. If for whatever reason, you don’t like the template…

Just send me an e-mail within 30 days and I can either help you or I can give you your money back… No questions asked.

But I’m sure after you see how this template makes it so easy you’ll love how much fun making money could be.


Marco Baldwin